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Wolfe Face Art & FX  company best known for its unique products and make-up application techniques. Wolfe has revolutionized the industry by combining both traditional theater make-up and fast-paced face painting creating a new type of face and body art.

These low cost items are a simple and quick add on to any order.

Halloween orders will be available to ship starting July 17, 2017

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Item   Cost Quantity

Make-up face caryons

  Low cost, easy purchase make-up crayons in a convenient counter display  
WFCB-6 36 Face Painting Crayons
  Glitter Gel
High Quality polyester cosmetic glitter gel. 1 fl oz in pink or gold adds that sparkle to all costumes
WGG-P 12 Pink Glitter Gel New for 2017! $34.20
WGG-G 12 Gold Glitter Gel New for 2017! $34.20

FX Make-Up Stix
Easy to use make-up stix for fun or costume available in Bright or Pearl

WCC-B01 12 FX Make-Up Stixs Bright 6 per pack New for 2017! $24.00
  White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black    
WCC-P01 12 FX Make-Up Stixs Pearl 6 per pack New for 2017! $24.00
  Silver, Gold, Rose, Green, Blue, Black    
halloween tattoos Tattoos temporaty tattoos

Quality tattoos, easily applied with water and will last 3-5 days
Four styles to choose from Pretty; Pirate; Cuts; Bites
Two pages per with 5-12 tattoos

WT-04 12 Temporary Tattoos - Pretty Sold out for 2017 $19.20
WT-05 12 Temporary Tattoos - Pirate Sold out for 2017 $19.20
WT-01 12 Temporary Tattoos - Stitches
WT-02 12 Temporary Tattoos - Cuts
  All Teeth packages include – Set of 18 Teeth, 3 Different Sizes!  
WPT-FTB 12 Fang Teeth Bloody
WPT-FTS 12 Fang Teeth Silver
WPT-BT 12 Buck Teeth Sold out for 2017
WPT-BTG 12 Glow Buck Teeth Sold out for 2017
WPT-FT 12 Fang Teeth Sold out for 2017
WPT-FTG 12 Glow Fang Teeth Sold out for 2017
WPT-STG 12 Glow Shark Teeth