Mrs. Wages offers a line of delicious prepackaged seasoning that is the perfect companion to farm fresh fruits and vegetables. Packed in a convenient floor display that makes a great Point of Purchase sale.

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Item   Cost Quantity
W410-98425 Variety Salsa/Guacamole/Queso Dip – 108 count $108.00
  Contains: 36/0.8oz Classic Salsa Mix
               36/0.8oz Guacamole
               36/1.5oz Pepper Jack Queso Dip
Tomato Flavors
W598-98425 Tomato Mix Display - 96 Count $230.40
Contains: 48/4oz Medium Salsa
               18/5oz Pasta
               12/4oz Hot Salsa
               6/5oz Pizza
               6/5oz Ketchup
               6/5oz Chili
W802-98425 Apple Mix - 80 Count $192.00
Contains: 50 Fruit Pie Filling
               30 Spiced Apple Sauce
W594-98425 Fresh Fruit Preserver - 60 Count $180.00
Contains: 60/6 oz Fresh Fruit Preserver
Pie mix
W805-J8425 Pumpkin Pie Filling (1 oz.) - 12 count
W674-98425 Pickle Barrel Display - 80 Count
Contains: 20/6.5oz Dill
               20/6.5oz Kosher Dill
               16/5.3oz Bread & Butter
               12/6.5 oz Medium Spicy Pickle
               6/6.2 oz Zesty Bread & Butter
               6/3.9 oz Pickle Relish
W639-98425 Vegetable Pickle Display - 72 Count $123.12
Contains: 24 Dilled Green Beans
               24 Pickled Vegetables
               24 Pickled Beets