Hoppy Paws Holiday Stamp Kits

Easy to use chalk-like stamp kits that create delightful "prints" to decorate either indoors or outdoors to show a special someone has visited. Available in Easter Bunny, Santa or his Reindeer, these prints bring joy and excitement to Easter and Christmas.

Hoppy Paws Scary Cat Paw Print Stamp Kit Shark Tank Hoppy Paws Hairy Monster footprint Stamp Kit

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Item # Item Name Cost Quantity
Chalk Stamp Kits
HPB12 12 - Easter Bunny Paw Stamp Kit $30.00
HPR12 12 - Santa's Reindeer Hoof Print Stamp Kit $30.00
HPSB12 12 - Santa's Boot Print Stamp Kit $30.00
HPED05 12 –Easter Bunny Decals with Clip Strip $18.00