mrs. Wages salsa variety display

Mrs. Wages Pickle Barrel Display
$192 for case of 80

Item #: W674-98425

Mrs. Wages is the home pickling leader with a 78% share of the category. Your customers look for the Mrs. Wages products because the high quality ingredients help them make delicious pickles from their kitchens. That’s loyalty you can bank on. And sell on. And profit from. Stock plenty today.


  • 20/6.5oz Dill
  • 20/6.5oz Kosher Dill
  • 16/5.3oz Bread & Butter
  • 12/6.5 oz Medium Spicy Pickle
  • 6/6.2 oz Zesty Bread & Butter
  • 6/3.9 oz Pickle Relish